A Simple Guide to Your Wedding Guest List

Her Wedding PlannerNow, now. Why complicate things? A wedding in York Region is a decision. If you’ve already made the major one – dates and all – then wedding guest list should be peanuts.


There are a lot of things that could bog you down for your ‘big day’. This is most especially true if you have not decided what kind of wedding you are going to have from the onset.


However, it’s your call. It really is. Because – more often than not – you and your future other-half will foot the bill.


One of these little things is the wedding guest list.


However, the wedding guest list is but the extension of your wedding decision. For instance, a super-classy wedding will cost you – no doubt. There is totally nothing wrong with getting one. (well, if you have money to burn) It’s a matter of choice.


Remember though that weddings are but a start. Many people look forward to a brand new house to live in and save on their wedding. Or for a future baby.


There is no sense in accumulating debt just to please the pictures.


So before you get your nose into the wedding list, find time to sit down and agree on how much you are going to spend for the wedding.


Note that each name on your wedding list will be part of your memories and – on the practical end -your expense.


On the other end, don’t let emotions fool you. Word spread like wild fire. And all your girlfriends inviting other girlfriends can add up. It’s best to do the mindwork before you do the mouth-work. Before things spill over of course.


Put that phone down if you have not consulted each other and put an effective cap on how many to invite. Same should go true for each of your parents.


So getting your act together as a couple and future York newlyweds will pay huge dividends.


Just like a piece of wine glass. Once you fill it up with the wrong wine, you will have either to drink it up or throw the alcohol away.


Un-inviting the invited is very hard – if not impossible. Nothing to worry really, just the negative backlash.

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