Three Easy Steps to a Budget-wedding

her wedding plannerBe it in York Region or in any other city – A wedding is a wedding. However, you may wonder if there was a way to have a ‘most memorable union’ minus the big-time spending. Yes, truly possible indeed. Read on.


1. Map your finances. It is easy to get carried away looking at wonderful wedding pictures be it over the internet or in wedding albums. But as a future couple, you and your fiancée need to decide early on how much – or in this regard how less – of your savings will be alloted for the ‘day of union’.


Prioritize and get these financial matters in writing. Putting things down brings clarity into the table and give you an instant reality check. Take note of the major expenses.


2. Find areas to save. Each wedding maybe distinct but most, if not all, follow a general procedure: the wedding ceremony followed by the reception. With a little extra effort and some research you are bound to find specific areas in a wedding where you could actually cut on expense. For instance, shrinking your guest list can immediately give your reception expense a drastic cut. An off-season wedding – away from the months of May to October- is another wonderful opportunity to save a lot of bucks. How about cutting on the wedding dress or making your honeymoon a mini-moon?


Word of warning though: there are certain areas that could be what we may call untouchables. Unless you want to push the envelope further, (and suffer the consequence) doing away with the reception is entirely another thing.


3. Recruit local talent. Having to get pros do the works for you can definitely add up to your budget. So why not do a little digging?For instance, chances are there is somebody in the family tree or in your circle of friends who can do the wedding coordination for you. Or those mouth-watering desserts. Or the wedding songs. Or the flowers.


As you go along this journey of finding financial corners to cut in your ‘dream wedding’ you will realize that keeping things budget-friendly is but a matter of separating the not-so-important from the essential.

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