Why Your York Region Wedding Deserves a Mini-Moon?

honeymooncoupleIf you haven’t decided where to spend your honeymoon and is looking at your bank account with a sense of alarm, then a mini-moon could be just right for you.


However, you may still feel apprehensive, aware of the fact that your honeymoon – mini-moon or not – could be a once-in-a-lifetime event. And although we can give you no straight arrows pointing you to the best direction, we can give you helpful pointers to help you decide. Here’s a few:


Mini-moons are Easier to Plan

A trip to the Maldives or to the Bahamas could set a sense of wonder for newlyweds. Much like the New World was a beckon of the adventurous in spirit. But these journeys get you out of the country – your comfort zone – and will entail greater risks and with it greater resources.

On the other hand, mini-moons could be just a trip to another Canadian state. It is a lot safer. Not much travel documents required and no need to cut a big chunk in your savings.
Mini-moons Involve a Wider Set of Options

Many popular global destinations ooze with beautiful pictures in their websites or flyers. These are marketing campaigns no doubt. Although these places could be more captivating in reality, still it does not give you the whole picture. Getting to these exotic locations could involve a series of cab rides, airport transfers, jet lags, crowded beaches and over-run hotels.

Mini-moons are but an hour or two away. A phonecall and you are booked to stay. In a lot of sense, there are many places you could book this way than places that need a substantial amount to go to.


Mini-moons Let You Start Right

A mini-moon could be a great way to save. This could mean added savings for your future car or house as a couple. Come to think about it, there are many great sites in the country newlyweds can explore without causing a huge dent on their savings. Canada is not a top tourist attraction for nothing.

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