10 Commandments in Booking Your Wedding

Booking Your WeddingYou would not want to invite uncalled-for-complications when booking your wedding. It’s easy to forget that a wrong turn can mean a thousand more in terms of expenses. Here’s 10 rules that should send you in the right direction.

1. Thou shalt observe the laws of timing. There is a time for everything; breaking the rule of timing can be disastrous. For instance, take time to seek venues for your wedding but don’t take too long or you lose out on the chance to get one.

2. Thou shalt consult each other. Getting your way no matter what can get you the date but lose out big time on your partner. Remember, no partner equals no wedding.

3. Thou shalt get your finances straightened out first. Sit down to come up with a workable budget. Whatever it is that you borrow before your wedding shall constitute as payable during your initial days as a couple.

4. Thou shalt observe the seasons. Spring is good for a fun-filled celebration and incites the mood of festivity. Winter is for the holidays and could inspire a different kind of merrymaking.

5. Thou shalt not forget your celebrant. Your celebrant or minister or mayor (legal) needs to be booked. Opening the lines of communication early may be best to land you a good one.

6. Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s booking. This is for etiquette reasons and is an extension of the first rule. It is bad ethics ( and possibly illegal ) to seek to take the booking of another wannabe couple just because they got to the schedule first.

7. Thou shalt not concern yourself with the trivial. Do not get into the decorations, for instance, if you have not booked the venue.

8. Thou shalt not forget your parents. It is easy not to consult one’s mom or dad especially if you have the bill taken cared of already. However, remember that your parents can put things in its proper perspective. Best thing is it’s for free.

9. Thou shalt not forget your BFF’s. Here’s to more free ideas. Consulting them can be wise.

10. Thou shalt not put on airs. Unless you plan to invite the whole town or every one of your office mates, keeping things discreet is the way to go.

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