Memorable Weddings in Ontario’s York Region

Wedding day(special photo f/x)While a casual observer is liable to band the Regional Municipality of York as “rural”, the area is actually far from being a backwater area that hasn’t seen the light of current progresses and changes.

Also popularly referred to as the York Region of Ontario, the Regional Municipality of York is actually the host of two bustling cities and a number of towns sprawled across its bounds, each bearing an ideal amalgam all human settlements aim for and aspire – the idyllic balance of mother nature and human society living as one.

As such, Ontario’s York Region is perfect for to-be weds with a love for nature, given how its cities and towns affords them with all of mother nature’s wonders and today’s modern conveniences and upsides.

Also known to have its share of bustling shopping, dining and lifestyle destinations, concerns related to a wedding’s caterers or wedding outfitters are not really all that big an issue to-be weds are bound to encounter, just as the Buttonville Municipal Airport in Markham City has regular flights to and from the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Accommodations for out-of-towners are also not lacking in York Region, with its cities and towns having its share of luxury hotels and inns.

While the rustic side of Ontario’s York Region may not appeal to the sensibilities of all to-be wed couples, couples who are keen to nature’s wonders are sure to find their dream wedding in the Regional Municipality of York, where nature and society live without overstepping each other’s bounds.

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It may be called the York Region, but there’s nothing “regional” about it

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