Three Simple Steps to Budget Your York Region Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerIt’s easy to fall for a lavish wedding; it’s but once-in-a-lifetime anyway, your mother or a confidante may tell you. However, you may be wanting to cut costs to prepare for your up-and-coming baby or a brand new car. Whatever the reason – obvious and not-so-obvious – here are 3 simple steps that when applied could minimize your ‘big day’ in York Region like no other.


1. Timing is everything. When you avail of goods or services when they are in the most in-demand state then you are actually asking for it. For instance, holding your wedding on a Saturday could easily add up to your cost for the simple reason that Saturdays are when everybody wants to get their wedding going. As a result vendors (e.g., caterers, restaurants, florists) seeing the demand will definitely put a bigger price tag on their services. A good way of picturing this is through those short-movies in National Geographic or Discovery where animals by the river are featured. Why feed when everybody else is feeding? You will only invite strong competition.

Instead of doing it on a Saturday, Sundays or any other day but would do better. And to get you more savings, schedule your wedding on a month that is off-season (i.e., August to September) as doing it on June – where everybody want theirs – can have costs that are skyrocketing.


2. Scale back your reception. As the reception is the one area where most of your hard-earned money will fall, be resourceful and find ways to limit your spending. For instance, instead of a full-meal, serving tapas  - and offering a greater variety of options in the process – can be timely. Additionally, you may want to avoid serving hard liquor as these as costs for these can go astronomical.  Instead, beer and wine may offer you a better alternative.


3. Shorten your guest list. There is no need to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to your York Region wedding. Draw up a list and separate the must-invites to the not-so-important.


In the end, saving a large chunk of your hard-earned money on the day you walk the aisle is but a matter of making the right decision for a better future  – as a couple.

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