Getting Your Best Wedding Look Without Dieting

Her Wedding PlannerYou don’t want to look haggard on your ‘big day at York Region’, that’s for sure. However, with all the schedules and details to accomplish, getting to the gym could be out of the question. Here are some worthwhile tips to give you a classic look as you walk down the aisle – minus the dieting.


Be Careful What You Show

 It may not seem like it but your wedding gown plays a pivotal role in the way you look. Don one that lets you showcase your best asset (and getting less fab features on the side).

Strapless full-skirted gowns or any romantic empire waist, for example, provide a good way to hide your hips. Also, get your thighs and hips tucked in with corseted ball gowns – giving primary focus on your waist and bust.

You can’t go wrong with mermaid-style gowns if you want a curvier look. However, for a more generic fit, nothing beats A-line silhouettes.


Get the Right Support

A fit undergarment can do wonders in giving you a more stunning silhouette. Make sure you get one. To this end, you may have to get a more professional bra fitting or risk those pesky bra bulges. For your lower half, proper shapewear – like Spanx – can get you a better fit.

Getting an extra 2-inch lift via high heels is also a wise decision. Just don’t overdo it though as 3-inches up could be disastrous – giving you a hard time standing up.


Lights, Camera, Pose!

For last-minute tweaks, nothing beats how you carry yourself. Achieve a greater vertical outcome by keeping those shoulders back, for instance. Also, flatter your jawline in no time at all by giving your chin a little push forward.

Further, tilting your shoulders towards the camera while keeping your hips at an angle can give your hips and waist a narrower look. Getting your arms at some distance from your body can make you look even more fab.


All these may seem no walk in the park. But practicing these look-enhancement approaches in front of a full-length mirror can make it all natural – an easier routine than going to the gym.

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