Hosting your Wedding Photographs and Videos in the Cloud

Wedding PhotographyWith technology practically playing an integral role in the way we get things done, many have turned to the standards of online cloud storage in keeping important files and data.

Also known as online hosting or cloud hosting services, the concept behind cloud storage is simple – you simply store important files and date in online repositories hosted by service providers, which in turn would mean that you can access data anywhere, anytime via an active internet connection and an internet-capable device.

From Skyfire to iCloud, to Google Drive and Dropbox, cloud storage service providers are constantly updating their service’s storage capacities, allowing subscribers the chance to store more data in their cloud storage accounts.

Through the service, you can store a virtually unlimited range of data, from tax forms to your wedding photographs and videos.

However, while the upsides of hosting data online is undeniably convenient for subscribers, it has to be said that storing data online should be viewed as a backup option, with actual files still being stored in “grounded” repositories in computers, smartphones or tablets.

Some even go as far as storing important files in two or three different cloud storage service providers, apart from keeping copies in their computers.

In keeping your digital archive organized, updated and properly backed up, uploading your wedding photos and videos online is a smart and convenient move to make. But as you store your wedding photos and videos in cloud hosted servers, bear in mind that having copies in your computer is still important.

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