Wines 101 for Your York Region Wedding!

Her Wedding PlannerMore often than not, wines and bubbly champagnes usher in an even greater level of excitement to your wedding celebration. However, if wines are not your forte, fret not. Here are some tips to get your day of union complete with the exquisiteness of wine.



The Union of Food and Wine


Start not with the wine. Consider your food variety first. What particular style or flavor of food are you serving? Then, settle with a specific set of wine to pair with your food. A mixed choice of reds and whites could complete your champagnes. For your white wine category, you can’t go wrong with the crispness of a Riesling bottle or a Chardonnay – currently tagged as the world’s most-favored white wine.


On the other hand, Caberet Sauvignon – in your red wine category – has been known to be a party favorite. However, for a more versatile performance, the softer red in Pinot Noir offers greater latitude for food pairings.


Also, a White Zifandel, lest we forget, can also get those taste buds kicking in (though some may find it a little off-the-chart).



A Toast to the York Region Couple


Get your toasts right by preordering your classy, engraved flutes beforehand. These are a must. As for your guests, two glasses should be more than enough.



However, always remember there is virtue in moderation. Not unless you’ve decided getting your guests home as part of your to-do list.
As in anything in your wedding, looking ahead not only gets your day of union memorable, it also saves you a lot of trouble – financial and otherwise.

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